The company is equipped with brand new installations which include:

Modern selection machine for fresh fruits with capability of selection 7 tons per hour.

14 Cooling booths with total capacity of 3000 tons, for the maintenance of fruits in checked conditions of refrigeration and atmospheric conditions, so that they maintain all nutritious of their substances as if they were cut that day from the tree.

The cooling booths is continually drained with ozone, for the disinfection of fruits from chemical substances that are bad for the health. The ozone is acquaintance for his ecological use.

The maintenance of kiwi fruits from October until May is the one that rendered us first in all Greece and made our refrigerators distinguish.

Company Address

Davaki 1
ΤΚ 58500, Skydra
Phone: +30 2381072245
Fax: +30 2381072238