It has a fibrous, dull brown-green skin and bright green or golden flesh with rows of tiny, black, edible seeds

The plant thrives on fertile and moist soils. Plantation takes place in the spring time and the fruits are ready to be harvested in mid October.

    The kiwi is rich in potassium magnesium, phosphorous, and fibre. It is a rich source of vitamin C compared to any other fruit, providing is consumed soon after is being harvested to not loose its vitamin content.

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    The peach tree bears an edible juicy fruit called a peach. Its shape is spherical or oval and has either velvety (peaches) or smooth skin (nectarines) in different cultivars. Its flesh is juicy with a sweet and citrus aroma. Usually peaches with white flesh typically are very sweet with little acidity, while yellow-fleshed peaches typically have an acidic tang coupled with sweetness, though this also varies greatly. Both colors often have some red on their skin.You can make jam or compote with peaches or just a refreshing fruit juice. Rich in vitamin C and minerals.

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    The nectarine cultivar group of peaches has a smooth skin. This fruit has the aroma of the “summer” and a delicate taste which is believed to come from the nectar of the ancient Greek Gods. Its flesh is crunchy (like an apple) and could be red white or yellow in colour.The best geological location to be cultivated in Greece is at the central and west of Macedonia.In these regions the ideal soil and weather conditions exist to facilitate its growth.

    Nectarines are rich in potassium, high in fibre and vitamin C.

    The apricot is an edible stone fruit that grows on the Apricot tree.In Cyprus is also known as the golden-apple.

    Its flesh has an orange-yellowish colour and is juicy with a delicious sweet flavour. The outer thin skin of the apricot is yellow with small red speckles at its front face and usually is covered with fuzz or short hair.

    Apricot are rich in vitamin A.It also contains vitamin C, B1, B2 and fructose. (or natural sugars).

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    Cherries are the fruits of the cherry tree.In Greece cherry trees are grown in Kolindros Pierias, Edessa and other north regions of Greece.

    This fruit contains high levels of iron and therefore, is strongly recommended for consumption by patience with anemia . It also contains substantial amount of potassium and vitamin A.

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    Pear is another fruit that grows on a tree the Pear tree. The fruit shape is long with its lower section wider and gradually getting narrow till it reaches the stalk.

    Its flesh is usually white, softer and sweeter than that of the apples.

    Contains vitamin C, calcium, niacin (B3), vitamin B6, phosphorus and potassium.

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    Apples grow on the apple tree and contain the tree’s seeds.

    This fruit ripens in autumn reaching usually a diameter of 5-9 cm (rarely up to 15 cm).

    It is especially nutritious, with high fibre, vitamin C, antioxidants and useful minerals beneficial for the human body.

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